New! TVLog-G4 generation is a powerful Video
Monitorng System for comprehensive management of digital assets from acquisition through ingests manipulation, archiving, ad’s certification and content analysis.


H.264 Encrypted Video Technology for Legal Copy
Content Video Detection Technology
Based on Linux Fedora Core 8.0
Compact Flash with OS and TVLog software preloaded
 Multi-Task video handling technology
 Alarms Management (audio loss, video loss, video
freeze, hdd defect)

The result is a powerful tool for a variety of applications
in the corporate, educational, government, advertising
agencies and TV broadcast markets.

Easy, Intuitive and Totaly Automated.

Assign the start and end picture frame of your desired video and TVLog will compare and find the matching content in the selected TV Channel, date and time for you.

Pixel Average and RGB Chart Matching technologies are implemented simultaneously in order to speed up the video recognition process.
TVLog does not need dedicated server to use the Video Content Detection feature, it can be executed directly from your desktop PC.
TVLOG  is Linux OS based (Fedora Core 8). Provides an absolutely stable platform for 24 hours non-stop operation of  Video Logger. Rare "system hang up" or "system files damages" happens in the 24 / 7 operating environment.

Buit-in MySQL Server  providing a more efficient data management and faster video search (both local & remote)

It's EXT3 formatted video hard disk storage gives extremely stable and reliable media for large number of files writing and reading in Video Logger routine condition.

XML interface protocol is implemented for remote playback under Windows OS platform.

TVLOG's "dual encoding channel technology" (DSP per TV Channel) provides main encoding channel for local recording and sub encoding channel for remote live and recording video. (local recording and remote video can be configured Independently).

TVLog is leader implementing the IDE-CF card with OS and software pre-loaded.

Main Server Screen

New Dashboard with quick acess to all important data like:

TV Channels Live Feed, Recording Status, Alarms Management (audio and video loss, HDD defect), Full Screen TV Channel selection, HDD Storage Status, Recorded Days Information, Search, Playback, Backup and more.


Recording Schedule

TVLog manage independent recording schedules for each TV Channel (day/time) with 4 frame rate (fps) custom presets.
This feature help you save space on the data HDD's when required.


System Configuration

With the friendly and easy to use admin interface the setup and configuration is done in less than 5 minutes.


Playback /Backup

TVLog has multiples search options based on the following criteria:
Automatic Content Video Detection, TV Channel > Date > Time and Meta Data (previously assigned during playback).
Crop Tool video, TV Channel backup and snapshot video image is also available.


TVLog Remote Client Software

Is the TVLog application for real time content browsing from any networked Windows PC via LAN or Internet.
TVLog is Network Remote Recording: Support multi-users network audio/video recording on local remote PC (independent from TVLog server recording).
Full system information via dashboard.
Backup and video crop tool option capabilities and more.

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